迸发的国际创新力量!The Power of International Innovation!

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8月25日在由XNode & Seedstars World共同主办的Pitching中,为赢取投资人的青睐更为踏上国际创业巅峰舞台,8支多元化的国际创业团队在国内外顶尖投资人与众多优秀创业者、企业家的见证下,经过激烈的角逐最终由益乐宝C-Lap摘下桂冠。下边我们再一同回顾8支优秀队伍的精彩瞬间!
The preeminent Seedstars World and XNode Pitching played host to a number of exciting startups from industries as diverse as gamified philanthropy to agriculture technology. Investors from China and abroad gathered to witness the 8 finalists compete, not only for their funding, but also for a free ticket to Seedstars World Final in Switzerland.
本次金牌获得主——益乐宝C-Lap。“仅用了不到10分钟的时间,凭借其系统专业的在线育儿服务体系、简捷易用的操作、切合实际的移动互联网+运营模式和极具前瞻性的战略营销方案征服了在座的评审,击败对手,一举拿下通往世界顶尖舞台的门票。”终点亦是新的起点,他们将踏上前往瑞士的征程,在Seedstars全球创业峰会上赢取$500,000 的股权投资大奖!
First place went to C-Lap, a dynamic startup using decades of research as the basis for their online learning platform for children aged under 6. Their strong team of educators, engineers and business people, combined with a strong product and the ability to scale globally evidently impressed the judges. They offer their app free for download, as well as a premium subscription service and in app purchases to compliment their content. C-Lap will now be travelling to Switzerland with the chance to win up to USD$500,000 in equity investment at the Seedstars World Final.
竞争从来都是激烈的,迸发的创业力量毫无保留的展示在每一轮演讲中。本次银牌得主——给力GeiLi Giving,利用游戏化的手段带动用户参与慈善,游戏中用户可以选择捐赠10元来推动游戏的发展,也可以邀请亲朋好友来一起传递爱心。除此之外还帮助与促进企业履行他们的社会责任,在中国给力GeiLi Giving努力营造相互信任、透明公开的慈善氛围,将中国的慈善爱心带到世界上每一处需要的土地上。
The competition was tough, with all teams providing engaging pitches for their burgeoning startups. Second place went to Geili Giving, a gamified philanthropic app which lets users donate 10 RMB at the press of the button, and invite their friends to follow their lead. They also engage with businesses, helping them fulfill their CSR ambitions.  Geili Giving are bridging the trust and transparency gap surrounding donations in China, with the aim of making China the home of the world’s largest givers.
In third was Chozun, a personalised app for business travellers, helping them find the services and locations they need while abroad. Using computer algorithms developed in-house, Chozun can curate content for their users so they get exactly what they need. 
Another of our great contestants was Saucepan, a hospitality startup putting a new spin on food delivery. They are focused on health foods, changing the world’s conceptions of fastfood. They are also capturing the B2B market via ‘hubs’, points of sale with minimum staff and pre-prepared and packaged meals, which provide on-demand health food to entire companies. 
In a different vein were Magikare, an e-health company providing both hardware and software to improve medical training and assist patient treatment. Using partnerships with trusted healthcare professionals Magikare can improve patient information collection, allowing better patient monitoring and rehabilitation. 
Ricult, an ambitious Agri-Tech company formed during an MIT class on entrepreneurship, also pitched on the stage. Aiming to cut-out the middle men involved in selling farmed produce in developing countries, Ricult seek to give power back to those stuck in vicious poverty cycles – starting in Pakistan. They have leveraged the ubiquity of mobile phones to provide an online platform for sales and access to essential farming inputs such as fertilizer and pesticides.
Apps where a bit of theme, with mobile gaming app developer MU77 also competing. MU77 combine the growing popularity of indie games – those created by non-professional developers – with famous characters and other forms of IP to create a compelling gaming experience. Embedding renowned IP draws users to their products, which are then enhanced and monetised through in-app purchases. 
Also in vogue were e-education startups, Dependex focusing on the school-aged and university markets. Dependex are building upon two successful product launches in the e-education space, this time focusing on digitising and rethinking textbooks. They’re mission is to make education more efficient and engaging, bringing learning into the 21st Century. 
With generous sponsorship and support from Swissnex, a Swiss government organisation connecting Switzerland and the world in science, education, art, and innovation, attendees were treated to some delicious catering and an extended networking session. It was great to see the meeting of so many different minds, from startups to corporates to governments.
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